Gutter Repair

What Is Involved With Gutter Repair?

Before we start repairing your gutters, we must assess why they are failing. Sometimes cleaning your gutters can help them flow better. Or we may just need to use some caulk to plug a small leak. Other times gutters that are pitched backward or crowned or those that are installed too high won’t allow proper water flow.Rusty Old Gutter in Need of Repair in Florida

These are more serious problems that result from poor installation.  This is why it is important to have professionals install them in the first place.  If you see water falling from the roof during a rainfall where gutters should be handling the water, you will want to call us.

If the gutters were installed incorrectly, they will need to be removed and reinstalled to correct the problem.  They will need to be taken down and most likely disassembled to fix them.  Cleaning them and removing existing caulk will be necessary to reassemble the gutters and reseal them.   So, it is important to do an assessment ahead of time and plan an approach that will require the least amount of work to repair the problem.  If the gutters are old and worn out, replacing them will be necessary if they are to do the job they are designed to do.

Gutter Repair Considerations

In addition to the type of gutter you have and the height of your home, there are a number of other factors that influence the cost of your gutter repairs.

Materials and Parts

The type of material the gutters is a significant cost factor for repairs. On the lower end are cost-friendly options like vinyl gutters, They tend to be sectional. There are higher-end gutters, like stainless steel gutters and there is also pre-weathered zinc, these cost more but have longer average lifespans. You also need to consider that some gutters require extra machinery to install and more brackets and hangers than others.

Hiring A Professional

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, that may be okay if all you need to do is something really minor to fix the problem, like cleaning them out. A professional will have the proper tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Sometimes the repair issue has emerged due to an improper installation or even an improper repair. Hiring a professional that has the required materials, tools, and knowledge to repair your gutters efficiently is a wise decision that will pay dividends by avoiding costly damage in the future.

Roof Surface

The type of surface your roof has will affect the cost and performance of your gutters as well.  If you have a porch or outdoor shed that may add to the labor cost for repairing your gutters.  A larger roof will collect more water during a downpour and may require your gutters to handle more volume.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters have not been cleaned and have accumulated a lot of debris inside them, it may increase the cost of labor to repair them with what may be involved with clearing the passages.  This is also the most common problem with gutters.  When they can’t drain properly then water backs up and the system no longer does the job it is there to do.  You might as well not have them.  So keeping your gutters unclogged is important to benefit from having them.

Age Of The Gutters

Another consideration when repairing gutters is their age.  It is usually a good idea to replace them after 20 years.  If they are vinyl they may start cracking.  When they are old the cracking can get to the point that you should just replace them.  If they are aluminum or steel, they will tend to separate at the seams.  These open seams will not only leak but can create clogging.  Gutter guards can help avoid clogging, but if the seams are separating, you may need to replace the gutters.

An old leaky gutter

A telltale sign that your gutters need to be replaced is looking at your siding and your landscaping.  If there are algae growing, streaking stains from water draining, or other damage appearing, you have a problem.

Sometimes it might just be better to replace your gutters if the damage is too extensive.  Use what you observe from the damage to help you decide what kinds of materials for your replacement gutters would be best for your situation.  You may also see ways to improve the gutter system so that it does a better job in the future.

If the gutters have not been well maintained and are allowed to get clogged up, they may not last 20 years, so this is also something to keep in mind.  If they have not been taken care of well, you may need to replace them sooner.  One way to help avoid having to clean them as often is by using gutter guards, which will help debris from getting caught in the gutter, and help extend the life of the gutter system.

If you have noticed any of these problems in your gutters, call 321-456-7955 today to schedule an appointment for gutter repairs.